E.M. Faulds - a new science fiction author.

The limits of humanity's exploration of space and itself.

I'm an Australian, living in Glasgow who writes science fiction.

Stories are central to my life. When I sat down to write my first science fiction novel - Two Palaces, I had a hefty self-imposed agenda. I wanted a story that would appeal to anyone adult enough to understand the vocabulary. I wanted hard scifi. I wanted action and adventure, but without losing the appeal of the depths and heights of human interaction. Fear, peril, crises; quick thinking and calm leadership; panic and dread; malicious, wilful and selfish behaviour that can sometimes save the day!
So, I didn't want much then.

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Calling all Literary Agents!

Please, please contact me. The jury is still out on my representation and I want to find my perfect match. Large agency or small one-person business, it doesn't matter. I'm looking for someone who has the knowledge and the contacts but more importantly a collaborative attitude.

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