An exciting new project – coming soon!

Okay, this is tough. I don’t want to give too much away, but I am incredibly stoked for a new project I’m undertaking soon. I’ll be announcingĀ it within a month or so (fingers crossed).

I can drop the hint that it’s based around the SF community.

Keep your ears open, fingers and legs crossed and I’ll let you know more as soon as humanly possible!

13 times the English language trolled its speakers

English is a messed up language

I often wonder how anyone learns English as a second language. Although I write in it daily and am constantly elbow-deep in trawling its deeper intricacies, I am always muttering “that’s messed up”.

We all know about the difficulties with “you’re” and “your”, “it’s” and “its”. There are whole books dedicated to people hating on the butcher’s apostrophe and “i” before “e” abuse. But this post is about my favourite Englishisms that are slightly more obscure, but just as irritating.

They remind me I am slightly anti-grammarian in nature, especially when the rules make little sense. Enjoy (as much as you can, under the trying circumstances). (more…)

AI written movies – Sunspring and It’s No Game

Artificially authored

I don’t think my job as a writer of science fiction is in imminent danger, but to be fair, I’ve probably watched worse films on the SyFy channel than Sunspring, the first AI written movie.

Written as a competition response to theĀ the 48-Hour Film Challenge, there were a few prompts fed into an AI programme that named itself “Benjamin”, and a whole bunch of 80s and 90s sci-fi. Enjoy, we’ll get to the analysis later. (more…)

Sudden Fame!

This is the title of the event where I will be reading a brand new short sci fi story, “The Lecture”. This will take place in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow and is presented by The Federation of Writers (Scotland).

Sudden Fame, Sunday 12th of March, 6 pm – 8 pm

As part of the Aye Write, Glasgow’s book festival, this event is a rapid-fire, fiction frenzy. Each author gets just five minutes to read out their work. It starts at 18:00 and I’m on at 18:05, so if you’re late, you’ll miss out! It’s free to watch, and you might just hear some astounding concepts in that time.

Find more details of this event here.