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An exciting new project – coming soon!

Okay, this is tough. I don’t want to give too much away, but I am incredibly stoked for a new project I’m undertaking soon. I’ll be announcing it within a month or so (fingers crossed). I can drop the hint that it’s based around the SF community. Keep your ears open, fingers and legs crossed and […]

Sudden Fame!

This is the title of the event where I will be reading a brand new short sci fi story, “The Lecture”. This will take place in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow and is presented by The Federation of Writers (Scotland). Sudden Fame, Sunday 12th of March, 6 pm – 8 pm As part of the Aye […]

Ada King – Out now!

Finally, available for the first time, Ada King- a full-length science fiction novel by E.M. Faulds. (Available on Kindle from Amazon) Here’s the blurb: This will happen sometime soon… A girl is brought up in a regime that takes ultimate control of its citizens’ lives, tearing children from parents and raising them in institutions. She […]

Writing in the meantime

So, I’m still waiting on Literary agents getting back to me. That’s ok, it takes time but to stop myself from going crazy, I’ve been blogging around. I started a venture called Minutiae Blogs Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. It all sounds very markety and salesmany but in fact what it means is that I […]