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Things that I’ve found fascinating from the world of science

How to take a “hands-free” selfie – just like the Mars rover

I recently came across an image shown in Universe Today of the Mars Curiosity rover taking a selfie. It wasn’t the one above, but pretty similar. This one’s from last year and is called the “Buckskin Self-Portrait”. I used it because it’s prettier but still demonstrates the same point. Anyway, I immediately noticed that there was no […]

Pleasure and Pain – on machine feelings and the future of the human race

Prompted by a Twitter discussion, I thought I would write an article on my thoughts on the future of machine intelligence and Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI). Granted, I’m not a scientist working in the field of advanced cybernetics or neural networking, but I have been given a vivid imagination and a sense of curiosity (ironically, […]

Goldilocks planets – where would you like to live?

Recent article in the BBC Science section has mentioned that there are now over a thousand objects detected in our galaxy that you could call “planets”. Of these about twelve have been classified as potentially in the “Goldilocks” zone, that is neither too hot nor too cold. Places we might be able to live one […]

Welcome to the world of tomorroooowww!

The reason I’m ripping off Futurama’s line there is that today I saw two articles nestled quietly in the back of the BBC news technology section: Exhibit A: Disney develops ‘magical’ device to make fingertips sing What they’ve actually done is almost as surprising as the headline. They’ve been developing a device that transmit sound […]