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Ada King – Out now!

Finally, available for the first time, Ada King- a full-length science fiction novel by E.M. Faulds. (Available on Kindle from Amazon) Here’s the blurb: This will happen sometime soon… A girl is brought up in a regime that takes ultimate control of its citizens’ lives, tearing children from parents and raising them in institutions. She […]

New science fiction book extract and news

I have finished editing my book (ADA KING) and I’ve even sent a sample off to an agent! Now, feeling like a teenager waiting for a boy to call, each email a source of dread and excitement all at once. Acceptance or rejection, one or zero, all or nothing. It’s a very digital experience but […]

Two Palaces cover art

I have pretty much decided to self-publish. It seems the way to go regarding attracting literary agents and publishers. I thought they might go on the strength of the material presented but no, it seems unless you can show that people are already buying your books, they won’t take a chance on a new author. […]

Extract from Two Palaces #1 – Captains’ Committee

Introduction to the extract: Akuba Denobis is in charge of the one hundred and twelve ships in the Fleet of humans escaping Earth’s destruction. She chairs committee meetings using a virtual reality technology. The meeting space is called a gestalt. For the Captains’ Committee meeting, Akuba always chose the same gestalt setting. It was a […]