Ada King – Out now!

Ada King scifi book

Finally, available for the first time, Ada King- a full-length science fiction novel by E.M. Faulds.

(Available on Kindle from Amazon)

Here’s the blurb:

This will happen sometime soon…

A girl is brought up in a regime that takes ultimate control of its citizens’ lives, tearing children from parents and raising them in institutions. She is haunted by strange companions – a butterfly, a dog and a monstrous man – and with their aid, she can do things others cannot. But are they real or the effects of the surgery forced upon her?

War is coming, and before her government can force her to use her talents for evil, she must flee to the only place where people can live for themselves – Raft City, a sprawling, anarchic community of free thinkers. There she will discover a new way to be human, and in the process nearly destroy it all…

Ada King explores a chillingly familiar future where states are based on ideology more than geography and where dissent can mean your disappearance. ‘Liberty’ and ‘community’ are more than abstract ideas when your life depends on them!

She encounters A.I., nanotech and virtual worlds but above all, Ada discovers what it means to be human.”

A personal appeal by the author… ahem

If you bought it, read it, please let me know what you thought about it by leaving a review on Amazon’s Ada King listing
for me. The amount of reviews will really help people decide that this is more than just a vanity publishing project, that there really is a story here. If you didn’t like it or found flaws, say that too! I don’t mind honest criticism that is based on your own opinions. It’s just as valid as anyone else’s. And it will help people decide if this book is for them. I’m a self-pubber. Your review could actually mean the difference between me getting somewhere or not, it’s that important!

Get a preview of the book by clicking on its “Look Inside” link on the Amazon page.

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