New book info – Say hello to Ada

Here’s a teaser for my latest work – a mock book cover and the plot summary on the back. Have a look to see what the new science fiction novel will be about! What do you think?Ada King by E.M. Faulds cover art



This is the blurb text in case you find it difficult to read there:

This will happen sometime soon…

A girl is brought up in a regime that takes ultimate control of its citizens’ lives. She has some strange companions that only she can see and with their aid, she excels at analytical thinking.

Before her government can force her to use her mind for evil, she must flee to the only place where people can live for themselves – Raft City, a sprawling, anarchic community of free thinkers. There she will discover a new way to be human, and in the process nearly destroy it all…

So, as you can tell by the text, it’s a near future book, probably dystopian (although I don’t know how we’d tell the difference these days). As always I try to write books that I’d want to read with relatable characters and put as much mind-blowing, thought provoking, new-fable-making things in as I can along the way.

I still have a ton of editing to do, but mocking up cover art seems so much more interesting. Of course I’d be getting a professional to do this in the long run, these are just my dreams for now. Ah well, back to the grind tomorrow!

As usual, comments, criticism etc are welcome below. Even if you just want to say hi, I appreciate hearing from you! 🙂

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