Writing in the meantime

So, I’m still waiting on Literary agents getting back to me. That’s ok, it takes time but to stop myself from going crazy, I’ve been blogging around. I started a venture called Minutiae Blogs Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. It all sounds very markety and salesmany but in fact what it means is that I write funny stuff and link to a few cool things that people might like to buy, or at least look at. Here’s a sample of my wares!

My Giant Id – Funny tshirts, geek gifts and awesome stuff – I like to think of this as my testament to my inner geek. This is my powerhouse at the moment, hitting all sorts of nerd-spots with things like Star Wars minimalist art prints, questions like “what is a dronie?” and style advice like “the best funny Game of Thrones tshirt to wear“.

Fidelity Arts and Crafts – There’s a girl inside me as well as a geek. I know, imagine that! Probably more arts than crafts if I’m honest, but there is a massive crossover, plus I love sharing all the things on Etsy that are fecking gorjus like ombre inspirational signs, altered art embellishment kits, steampunk beads… you get the idea.

Make With the Food Already – Cookery site. This is more like an attempt to make a digital recipe card index for myself. I’m no Michelin star chef, but then, that means other mere mortals probably have a chance to follow the instructions too!

Mr Badger’s House – Anyone who knows me, knows that in the future I will probably not turn out to be a crazy cat lady, but a crazy badger lady. I indulge a fairly niche obsession here with badger themed gifts, home decor, and the occasional update on our noble friend, the British (and European!) Badger, Meles meles.

Beautiful Wedding Cake Toppers – this comes from a pet peeve that occurred around the date of my wedding when the only thing you could put on the top of a cake were ugly little effigies that had such blissful wedding themes as “Reluctant groom being dragged to the altar”, “Bride beating groom with rolling pin”, “Groom rather be golfing” etc. A nice way to signal the start of your official relationship. So I looked for some alternatives. Like a rainbow spectrum of butterflies to top your cake. Like a laser cut sign of your new married name. Like Swarovski crystal trees and porcelain bunnies… the alternatives are out there.

Toy Box for Christmas – an unashamed capitalist plug for toys people might buy their kids. On the plus side, I do research and review them pretty thoroughly.

They’re all linked into Minutiae Blogs which may turn into a business as soon as the revenue from commissions goes up in the affiliate marketing ones (hint, hint).

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