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13 times the English language trolled its speakers

I often wonder how anyone learns English as a second language. Although I write in it daily and am constantly elbow-deep in trawling its deeper intricacies, I am always muttering “that’s messed up”. We all know about the difficulties with “you’re” and “your”, “it’s” and “its”. There are whole books dedicated to people hating on […]

The Martian – film review

I don’t often get to go to the movies, but when I do I’ll choose science fiction if I can. The Martian received good write-ups, so I went with hubby on date night. The theatre was packed even though the film has been out for a few weeks. The TL;DR version is – it’s a […]

Pleasure and Pain – on machine feelings and the future of the human race

Prompted by a Twitter discussion, I thought I would write an article on my thoughts on the future of machine intelligence and Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI). Granted, I’m not a scientist working in the field of advanced cybernetics or neural networking, but I have been given a vivid imagination and a sense of curiosity (ironically, […]