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Ada King – Out now!

Finally, available for the first time, Ada King- a full-length science fiction novel by E.M. Faulds. (Available on Kindle from Amazon) Here’s the blurb: This will happen sometime soon… A girl is brought up in a regime that takes ultimate control of its citizens’ lives, tearing children from parents and raising them in institutions. She […]

New science fiction book extract and news

I have finished editing my book (ADA KING) and I’ve even sent a sample off to an agent! Now, feeling like a teenager waiting for a boy to call, each email a source of dread and excitement all at once. Acceptance or rejection, one or zero, all or nothing. It’s a very digital experience but […]

Lincoln and Siren

He watched the bird swoop down, black thing, black wings, backwatering in the air until it dropped to hop in the square. Raven or crow? Chuff or raven? Oh. Oh, he could find out: wander to the library, the last great, hulking repository of books. But half of them were charred, words turned into flakes […]


She controls all the voluntary functions. Involuntary functions include breathing, pumping blood, digesting. She controls most of everything else. She can’t kill me though. If she does that, her contract is void and she’ll face various punitive measures like a hefty fine, blacklisting from any of the Breather agents’ lists… civil measures. I’d be dead […]