Two Palaces – Book 1 of the Abraxas Series

Humanity will find a way.

Centuries from now, the people of Earth are forced by a catastrophic event to flee across the galaxy. Assuming they are alone in the universe, they make an arduous journey only to find that the planet they had in mind is already inhabited by people shockingly like themselves, challenging their notions of the meaning of life, death and what it is to be human. In the meantime, strange events hint at a hidden third party becoming involved. Can they find a way to peace when war, hunger and surreal visions are driving them to the brink of self-destruction?

Nanotech, ghostly apparitions, bizarre, gruesome customs, alien mythological landscapes, lovers’ fantasy worlds and mind-warping technology…

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About the book : Why should you read it?

This book is the gateway to a new universe. You’ll get to meet an ensemble cast of characters, leaders, fighters, manipulators, traitors and heroes. They’ll battle each other and their enemies. Some are looking for justice, some are looking for love. Some are looking to hide, others to make their enemies disappear. Keep up, if you can.

Action, horror and intrigue culminate in a plot where the peoples of two planets come together, two totally disparate levels of technology but with a common need to survive and the ruthlessness to do what it takes.

A word or two from the author, E.M. Faulds:

I loved writing this book. Sometimes it wrote itself, sometimes I had to hit it over the head with a monkey wrench until it came out, but always it was worth it. I have never had such fun as inventing two new worlds, the future earth and a new place with its own language, customs and myths.

I’ve also planted a few things in the book. Each character name, for example, has a meaning. Even in the language of the other planet’s natives! Clues have been littered throughout. Each ship has a meaningful name too. Some of them are scientific and enlightened people from history, and some have other meanings…

My real ambition, I suppose, was to write a novel that asked big questions. What is the meaning of life? What does it mean to be human? What happens when you meet your ancestors? What is sentience? What is love? Two Palaces will be the book that is the root to a tree-full of other stories and adventures. Please, watch this space as you should be able to buy it soon.

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  • James Johnson says:

    I love sci-fi and wonder about the big questions regarding life in the universe and would really like to read this book. I grew up with a feeling of awe and fascination of space and what lies beyond to be discovered. So much so that i read over 20+ books written by people like Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose, Brian Green, Michio Kaku, etc. so i could learn more about the facts behind the movies and documentaries i’ve watched over the years. I hope it goes well and wish you loads of luck with your future projects.

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